Grenade pouch -10

A versatile, light and easy to use pouch for different kinds of grenades which is simple, quiet and easy to access. tab to open the lid. You can now easily grab a grenade

Volum= 0,6L

Fits in: Grenades, smoke grenade, 2×40 mm grenades, field dressing, GPS, compass or other small items


  • Attaches with the tuck back system to the equipment vest
  • Pull the large tab to open the flap
  • The tab is designed to be easy to use with gloves on
  • The grenade pouch attaches safely on both belt and vest. A grenade sits safely in the pouch with the lid closed
  • The lid closes securely with two press buttons for double safety. An elastic band keeps the grenade in place while the lid is open
  • There are three positions for the press buttons to accommodate small or large grenades
  • The elastic holds any possible movable parts of the grenade in place so that they do not make any noise or rattle

SKU 22-00527- EAN: Weight: 90 g Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 7 cm Categories , , Colour, ,


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