Herma I-bar set 1.0


The Herma I-Bar is mounted were you want to attach your bag or backpack .
It can be mounted on any backpack, vest or chest rig.

How to mount it:

  1. Thread the webbing under the band on the platform were you want it to be
  2. The webbing shall be threaded in the direction you want the buckle to face when attached
  3. Pull the webbing through the forward hole on the buckle
  4. Pull the webbing through the back hole on the buckle
  5. Adjust the length of the webbing
  6. Secure the Velcro
  7. Pull the buckle to make sure it is securely attached
  8. Mount the other buckles you need
  9. Attach the bag/Backpack etc and make sure the buckles are placed in the correct positions

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