Lightweight carry system -17

A minimalistic solution that packs a lot of function per gram!

An innovation by Anton Matsson.

The harness is simply tied to the object you wish to carry and is usually used in two different
configurations. To adapt the sling length the line is simply tied off.
In the backpack configuration an object is attached by two points this could be a second
weaponsystem or a chainsaw for example. In this configuration a coat or a sweater can be
turned into a temporary backpack.
In the suspenders configuration the lines are intertwined and placed on your back. In this
configuration an object is attached by one point in the top this could be a couple of gas or
water canisters, ammo cases or a stretcher.
In most applications the lines are usually tied directly to the object. To the sling points of the
weaponsystem for example.
Attach it, carry it or drag it!

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SKU 34-01491-09-000 EAN: Weight: 100 g Dimensions: 50 x 5 x 1 cm Category Colour


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