Modular rip-off panel -09

190 g

16 x 21 cm. 6 rows of 20 mm webbing, 4 x 40 mm sections

Fits in:
All different pouches

Fits on:
Equipment vest, belt, leg plate or leg attachment


A quick removable panel that is easy and fast to remove and attach to the vest, leg panel or other carrier.
The panel is made in two parts that are connected with velcro and 2 press buttons. The inner panel is attached to the carrier and on the outer panel, the pouches you want to have removable, are attached.
There is a security strap on the inner panel that can be attached horizontally or vertically around the pouches. The security strap can also be removed.
Please note that pouches and holster are separate products, not included in this panel
How to attach the panel and pouches:
  1. Attach the inner panel with the fold back system on the carrier
  2. Attach the pouches on the outer panel
  3. Put the security strap in the horizontal or vertical position, or remove it if you don´t want to use it
  4. Attach the outer panel with the pouches to the inner panel
  5. Close the security band
How to remove the pouches and outer panel:
  1. Open the security strap
  2. Pull the pull band on the outer panel and the outer panel and pouches are released

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