Sniper Ghillie jacket -10

This product is classified as war material and requires an end-user certificate and export license from ISP in Sweden.

An over jacket designed for the sniper with focus on camouflage and concealment. Using this jacket will significantly reduce your visual and thermal signature
  • Very good visual camouflage
  • Good thermal radiation camouflage (NIR)
  • Front closed with press buttons
  • Flame retardant
  • Elbow pockets for elbow pads
  • Elastic loops for natural material for added camouflage
  • Metal wire in the edge of the hood for better view
  • Removeable camouflage mesh/face veil attaches to the visor, can be placed over the sniper scope on the rifle. It reduces the thermal signature of the face
  • A ghillie jacket designed for the sniper to be used outside the normal jacket or in hot weather outside a shirt
  • It can be worn outside the equipment vest
  • Different combination of colors are available: Multi, dessert, autumn, spring, and winter.

Flame retardant polyester mesh

Fits on:
Outside the equipment vest:



SKU 41-00609- EAN: Weight: 2000 g Dimensions: Category Colour, , ,


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