Tactical Ballistic vest -17

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A tactical ballistic vest with very good protection.
This vest was developed together with the SWAT police in Stockholm and then updated.
It is designed to give maximum protection and still be good to operate in.
The vest has large sleeves to give optimum protection in all tactical situations.
Inside cumber band to take some weight of the shoulders. MOLLE bands on the front and back.
Velcro patches on the front and back for name and unit signs.
The vest is designed with front, back, yoke, sleeves and groin protection.
It can be worn in the following configurations:
1. Front and back for maximum mobility and agility
2. Front and back with the yoke for added protection combined with high comfort and mobility
3. Front and back with the yoke and groin protection for enhanced security combined with high comfort and good movement
4. Front and back with the yoke, sleeves and groin protection for maximum protection combined with good comfort and sufficient mobility
Includes cover and ballistic NIJ IIIA.06 panels.

  • Folding collars
  • Detachable throat protection
  • Pivoting attachments for upper arm protectors
  • Flexible upper arm protection that completely covers the vests armhole
  • Modular webbing for equipment pouches
  • Velcro attachment for ID markings with Velcro
  • Internal belt that reduces the burden on the shoulders
  • Groin protection


Parts in the tactical ballistic vest system-17:

84-01429-00-000, Tactical ballistic vest cover -17
81-01429-00-000, Tactical ballistic vest panels NIJIIIA -17

84-01448-00-000, Wide Ballistic groin cover set -17
81-01448-01-000, Wide Ballistic groin NIJIIIA panel set -17

84-01450-00-000, Ballistic yoke cover-17
81-01512-01-000, Ballistic yoke NIJIIIA panels set -17

84-00418-00-000, Large ballistic sleeve cover set -17
81-00418-01-000, Large ballistic sleeve NIJIIIA panel set –

Sizes: Small-XL.


SKU 83-01429- EAN: Weight: 7500 g Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 10 cm Categories , , Colour,


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