Topless Handcuff pouch 2.0

Fits in:

Fits on:
Equipment vest, belt, leg plate or leg attachment


A light weight pouch for handcuffs which is are flexible and can be used on the duty belt or covertly.  The pouch is designed to be small, lightweight, flexible and to comfortably hold your handcuffs
  • Open top for lowest weight
  • The pouch can easily be opened with one hand
  • It sits comfortably mounted on the belt and can be closed with the press button
  • The new design of the 2.0 version makes it easier to attach the pouch to a vest.
  • The weight is only 30 grams. The material does not retain water so is no heavier if wet
  • Can be attached without removing items from the duty belt
  • Use the velcro strap on the back to attach the holder to the duty belt. You can open and attach it to the outer belt without removing other pouches
  • Open the straps and thread them around the belt and close it with the velcro straps.

Available on back-order

SKU 21-00495B01-000 EAN: 7332673000852 Weight: 30 g Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 2 cm Category Colour


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