Curved long spoon 1.0

The long curved Spoon connects the Spoon garage on the belt with the backpack.

This is part of the Spoon system, the system that finally lets you use your combat belt to carry your backpack. No more double belts.

The garage is attached on the Combat belt. The outer compartment connects to the backpack.

The outer compartment of the double spoon garage 2.0 connects to the backpack with the curved long spoon, that is placed inside the adjustable spoon sleeve.

The curved spoon moves with your hips to let the legs move unrestricted by the backpackmove, minimizing the energy consumption in your body.

460 in stock (also possible to order above current stock)

SKU 26-01221A01-000 EAN: Weight: 60 g Dimensions: 3 x 24 x 1 cm Categories , , Colour


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