Over the last three decades we have had the oppportunity and priviledge to work with some of the most respected units and companies in the industry. Below are a few examples of completed projects (many more we can’t talk about).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how our experience might benefit your project.

Swedish Army / FMV
Swedish Air Force
  • Ballistic protection vest system with buoyancy aid
  • Flight crew combat uniform system
French Army, French Navy and Army Special Forces
  • Specialist backpack
  • Ballistic protection vest system
  • Plate carrier system
A European Special Forces Unit
Portuguese Special Forces
  • Packboard
  • Plate Carrier System
Finnish Army
Swedish National Police
Swedish SWAT
Belgian Police SWAT
Belgian Federal Police
  • Plate carrier systems
  • Equipment belt
  • Light shell jacket & trousers
A European Anti-Terror Police Unit
  • Ballistic protection vest system
  • Weapon bags
Estonian National SWAT Team, Estonian Police
Finnish National Police SWAT
Finnish National Police
  • Modular equipment vest system
Finnish Border Guard, Finnish Customs & Border control
Norwegian Police, Norwegian Special Police
Danish Special Police
Icelandic Coast Guard
  • Rebreather Harness
Wallenius Marine
  • Ballistic Maritime security system
Rheinmetall Defence
  • Support weapon carrying system
Swarovski Optik
  • Spotting scope covers and accessories